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You can find out more about this claim. here and more about how mail-in ballot works.
< a href=" https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/30/politics/what-matters-may-29/index.html" target

=” _ blank” > here. Executive order on

mail-in ballot When asked if he would think about signing an executive order (in the press reporter’s words) “resolving mail-in ballots” Trump stated he had the “right to do it.”

Realities First: It’s uncertain what sort of order Trump thinks he can provide on mail-in tallies but the Constitution does not provide the President authority over ballot methods. That authority rests in the states.

Thousands of voters.

The Postal Service is facing persistent financing scarcities, which the President has actually not taken steps to alleviate provided his belief their costs for plans are too high.

Each state keeps jurisdiction over establishing rules over administering elections there, whether it’s rules around mail-in voting, evidence of identification, and so on.

The Postal Service is dealing with persistent funding lacks, which the President has not taken steps to relieve offered his belief their costs for plans are too high. here.

According to a July 14 CNN.

Trump was asked about his Monday tweet.

With a population of about 83 million, it. Friday., so the boost is definitely a concern– but on the exact same Friday, the United States had 67,023 new cases and 1,259 brand-new deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University information.

Each state keeps jurisdiction over developing guidelines over administering elections there, whether it’s rules around mail-in ballot, proof of identification, and so on.

According to a July 14 CNN. report, part of the reason for the current scarcity is that the Trump administration made sparing use of the Defense Production Act earlier this year to oblige personal business to make equipment for the pandemic. Only about half of the 600 million N95 respirators and face masks that were being made under DPA agreements are expected to be delivered by the end of the year.

The New York Times. reported on July 8, medical staff at Florida’s St. Petersburg General Hospital were only given one surgical mask per day for their rounds.” If you sneeze in your mask, you still have to use it your entire shift,” said Barbara Murray, a nurse at the hospital told the Times. A spokesperson for St. Petersburg General declined to comment on the health center’s mask policies however told the New York Times that adequate materials were readily available to workers who required them. These are simply a few examples of the ongoing struggle to secure sufficient PPE to take care of clients. It’s not true that all hospitals and other caregiving centers are “in terrific shape” when it comes to their supply of PPE. The pandemic in the US and other countries

Trump was inquired about his Monday tweet. slamming Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus job force organizer, after she cautioned in a CNN interview on Sunday about how extensive the infection has ended up being in the United States. Trump responded,” I believe we’re doing extremely well. And I think that we have actually done as well as any nation– if you actually look, if you take an appearance at what’s going on, especially now with all these flare-ups” in nations where

the virus appeared to have actually been reduced. Realities First: We give Trump broad latitude to express opinions, however it’s merely outrageous to declare that the US has actually done along with “any nation.” Many nations have kept their numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths far listed below the United States numbers, whether in

outright terms or per capita. And some countries that have actually been praised for their reaction to the virus are certainly having “flare-ups,” but those flare-ups fade in contrast to the continuous United States crisis. For example, there is no basis on which to claim the United States has actually done even near as well as South Korea in handling the pandemic. South Korea, with a. population of about 52 million, had taped 14,389 cases and 301 deaths as of. Monday compared to more than 4.7 million cases and 155,379 deaths in the United States, which has a population of about. 330 million.

Germany, another country that has been admired for its handling of the crisis, has experienced a recent spike in the number of newly reported cases.
You can check out more about the context behind the President’s attacks on USPS. here. Prescription drug prices Trump claimed that there was a decline in prescription drug costs

” last year.” He claimed this

was the very first such decrease in” 51 years.” Facts First: Trump has it incorrect. While prescription drug prices did decline somewhat in 2018

— using one particular,
limited measure, the Consumer Price Index– they increased by about 3% in 2019 using that same measure. In
addition, the 2018 decrease was the very first in 46 years, not 51. Trump started making versions of this claim in 2019, when

” in 2015″ was proper. But he is now touting an out-of-date fact that makes the 2019 circumstance sound much better than it was.

Experts say the Consumer Price Index has.
drawbacks as a way to determine what is really occurring with drug costs, and other sources of information showed a boost both years. You can check out a longer fact check.
< a href=" https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/14/politics/fact-check-trump-february-86-false-claims/index.html" target

=” _

blank” > here. PPE In promoting his administration’s action to the pandemic, Trump suggested that frontline employees have all the supplies they require. Trump said that healthcare facilities, states and assisted living home “are really much stockpiled” when it comes to personal protective equipment. “They’re in fantastic shape,” the President included.

Realities First: Hospitals and healthcare experts have actually continued to report low levels of PPE this summertime as cases of the infection surged throughout the United States.

” It’s been a total catastrophe. They have– they’re 6 weeks into it now, they have no clue what’s going on. And I suggest I believe I can say right here and now, I think you need to rerun that race because it’s a mess. Nobody understands what’s occurring with the ballots and the lost tallies and the fraudulent ballots, I guess,” Trump stated. He said a bit later that “there’s fraudulent ballots,” this time omitting the “I think.”

outdated innovation–
in attempting to count a much larger than typical number of absentee votes.

Patel, Maloney and numerous others have revealed concern about how lots of absentee tallies may be rejected in the New York races. Rejections happen for all sorts of reasons other than scams, such as a voter forgetting to include their signature or

mailing their ballot too late. Absentee vs. Mail-in tallies

Not for the first time, Trump suggested absentee tallies were considerably various from mail-in ballots.

” Absentee tallies are excellent. Absentee tallies, they need to request them, they go through a procedure, they get them,” Trump stated Monday. “But the universal mail-in tallies have actually ended up being a catastrophe.”

” The bottom line is that absentee and mail balloting are protected in America,” Wendy Weiser, the director of the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center, told CNN. “Election officials, Republicans and Democrats alike, basically universally are positive in the system.”

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