Chromebook users get three free months of Stadia Pro – Engadget


Google is providing you an additional incentive to buy a Chromebook: a lot of cloud video gaming that could make your laptop computer shine. The tech giant has introduced a perk that provides Chromebook owners a free three-month trial of Stadia Pro. You’ll require a system released June 2017 or later on, and you’ll still have to purchase games that aren’t consisted of with subscription, but this might be just the ticket if you want to see how Destiny 2 or PUBG plays on your Chrome OS portable.

It’s not stunning that Google would make this move. It’s still figured out to grow Stadia in addition to improving Chrome OS adoption. Moreover, the service is possibly a good display for Chromebooks– even an entry-level maker can in theory play the most recent video games almost as well as a premium model. You probably won’t purchase a Chromebook with Stadia mostly in mind, however it’s great to understand if you like Google’s platform and want to play more than Android titles.

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