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” I put the spotlight on him,” Askren told ESPN the other day. “It is( all me ). His Twitter fans, his Instagram fans went 5x, I put the spotlight on him. I played the foil to him. I let him shine.? I thought I was going to squash him.”

” He goes to MMA and all the sudden he has this persona that he’s the hardest man ever and he’s so cool, and it’s fake!” Askren stated. “Everyone sees that it’s phony! That’s why he can’t get fans, since we know it’s fraudulent. It’s not real which’s why I was so frustrated. That’s not the man that you were. You pertained to MMA and you believed you had to be this other person, and individuals are seeing through it … People do not like fraud. They love it when individuals are genuine.”

Askren is not attempting to take all the credit for Masvidal’s stardom. “Funky” states that he provided the platform for Masvidal to ascend, but “Street Jesus” profited from it and gotten in touch with individuals for being who he is.

” I would most likely lean towards Usman, for sure, but I think there stand out possibilities where Masvidal will win,” Askren said. “I dislike stating it. It discomforts me to state it but yes, I believe Usman is going to win and that’s so frustrating.”

But regardless of his clear respect for Masvidal and his apparent distaste for Usman, Askren still thinks that come Saturday, personal authenticity isn’t going to matter, due to the fact that while Usman may not be “genuine” in interviews, he is really genuine in the cage.

” Think about the people who are truly popular, they’re very authentic. When they start getting phony, they start their death. Like Ronda (Rousey). I think she was truly genuine in the start and then she started having this prima donna thing to her and individuals freaking disliked it.”

Askren certainly has a case to make. Regardless of just leaping to the UFC in 2019, Askren immediately became a fan-favorite within the company and was quickly involved in feuds with half of the top-ranked welterweights. His fight against Masvidal at UFC 239 was a highly prepared for match, and after that Masvidal knocked him out in five seconds, a finish which got huge nationwide exposure.

On the other hand, Askren says Masvidal’s opponent this weekend, welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, is precisely the opposite. Askren and Usman have a long history together, dating back to their fumbling days where the two both trained at the Olympic training. When Askren pertained to the UFC in 2015, arguably his most bitter feud was with Usman, both due to the fact that Usman was champion and because, Askren states, he didn’t like the brand-new persona Usman had actually adopted.

Masvidal is among the most seasoned veterans in the UFC, having actually joined the organization in 2013. Regardless of his long period with the UFC, “Gamebred” had actually never ever attained much in the method of mainstream appeal. But in 2019, Masvidal had one of the most excellent late-career renaissances, escalating his Q-rating with knockouts of Askren, Darren Till, and a medical professional’s interruption of Nate Diaz to declare the one-off ‘BMF’ title. Askren states that it was Masvidal’s record-breaking knockout of him that truly launched Masvidal’s career renewal.

” He says a few of these things like ‘three-piece and a soda’ that perhaps isn’t intentionally funny however it’s really authentic,” Askren stated. “People love that when he says F-ing extremely required, which I feel like he was type of a douche for punching me when I was already unconscious. I believed that was unnecessary, however he states it was super necessary. And you understand what, it is quite amusing. I was the man that got punched and I’ll say, you know what, that was Jorge being real and that was kind of funny. Despite the fact that it was me and I thought he was a douchebag for punching me when I was unconscious, it was kind of funny. So, yes, there is a specific authenticity to Jorge that people really, really enjoy.

This Saturday, at UFC 251 in Abu Dhabi, Jorge Masvidal will challenge Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight champion. This comes on the heels of a 2019 campaign that saw Masvidal claim Fighter of the Year honors while launching himself into widespread superstardom. And according to< a href=" ” > Ben Askren, Masvidal has him to thank for that.

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The BMF title battle. Anatomy of UFC 251.

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