Featured Keynote Speakers & Agenda for AdventureELEVATE 2020


company consulting. She’s the founder & of HiHelloSura, an adjunct teacher for the future thinking Singularity University, and a consultant and innovation facilitator for customers like Kaiser Permanente Health, Sony Entertainment, and FaceBook, among others. Al-Naimi empowers people in their journey to express their creative potential and use the power of thinking in a different way together. During AdventureELEVATE’s inspirational and interactive opening keynote session, Al-Naimi will use delegates a brand-new way to consider the concept of happiness. Through useful, actionable concepts, you’ll learn how to reprogram the brain

towards a favorable frame of mind, to accomplish the extraordinary, and make a healthy influence on those around you. David Beurle David Beurle is a world-renowned strategist, scientist, and thought leader. He works with worldwide leaders and innovators in organisation, philanthropy, federal government, and regional communities, assisting them to develop an inclusive vision and actionable roadmap for the future with

AdventureELEVATE is the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s yearly North America-based two-day extensive academic and networking conference that unites thought-leaders and specialists for inspiration, education and insights into patterns that shape our market year-round. The theme of the AdventureELEVATE occurring in Eugene, Oregon, 5-7 May, 2020, is Shine.

The experience travel neighborhood will discover an unusual, idealistic intelligence shining brilliantly, to inspire and inform as we make the connections that shape the future of travel. With topics varying from monetary physical fitness to taking meaningful climate action, from trendspotting to inclusion, variety, and equity, delegates will engage in workshop-style breakout sessions at the downtown Graduate Hotel. By posturing” future splitting concerns,”he engages audiences to analyze the implications and effects of various choices as they contemplate and plan their future. Register for AdventureELEVATE 2020 Today.

planning and neighborhood engagement, Beurle’s closing keynote will provide his insight and experience to help us think about”what’s next”as we shine a light on the course forward in adventure tourism. Register for AdventureELEVATE 2020 Today.

a focus on economic development and resiliency. By presenting” future splitting concerns,”he engages audiences to examine the ramifications and effects of different choices as they consider and plan their future. As a global travel community, we aim to provide experiences that protect cultural and natural capital, while producing shared economic worth. By exploring trends, innovative partnerships, and designs for regenerative tourism, we can form the future of tourist. With an eye towards long term tactical

To shine methods to offer a bright light, to be exceptional, dazzling . The experience travel community will find an offbeat, optimistic intelligence shining brightly, to inform and influence as we make the connections that form the future of travel. With topics ranging from monetary fitness to taking meaningful climate action, from trendspotting to equity, inclusion, and variety, delegates will participate in workshop-style breakout sessions at the downtown Graduate Hotel. In addition, participants will have the ability to connect straight with main going to media and the 250 delegates in three helped with networking sessions: MediaConnect, AdventureExchange, and the invigorating and popular Disruptive Networking Adventure or “D.N.A.”mixed drink.Together with networking and education, 2 keynote speakers will serve to bring us together as a neighborhood at the start and end of the occasion and influence us to keep shining the light on tourist as a force for excellent for several years to come. Sura Al-Naimi A former Global Disney Innovation & Creativity Director, Al-Naimi has operated in the field since 2001, touching the elephant from numerous different perspectives from start-up life to big

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